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NormalChild is an iPhone application for baby logging and tracking.

It allows keeping a detailed record of the evolution of children. It lets you record the weight, height, head circumference, photos, sizes, diseases, vaccines, allergies and milestones in child development.
With NormalChild you can always check your babies evolution with the WHO’s and CDC’s population percentiles.

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  • Create as many children as you want (from 0 to 19 years old).
  • Record height, weight and head circumference data and assign an image.
  • Record the diseases he suffer.
  • Control allergies.
  • Keep track of the vaccines you have to put or have already put.
  • Record the most important milestones of his development.
  • Save important information in the 'Notes' section.
  • Make and share backup copies with Dropbox.
  • Share the information you want in pdf.
  • Configure the system of units of measurement to adapt it to the region where you live.

Possible Uses

  • If you introduce several children, you can compare the evolution of their development (height, weight, corporal mass index and cranial perimeter) framed in the charts of the WHO (World Health Organization) and the CDC.
  • Remember the availability of your favorite kangaroo.
  • Share the information with other habitual caregivers.
  • Adapt the vaccination calendar to the needs of your child and your place of residence.
  • Remember perfectly when you placed the vaccines.
  • Enjoy the pictures you have taken of your child every time you weigh and measure them with the slide show. You will see how much it has grown!

Create as many children as you want

You can track as many children as you want and share the information with your partner, grandpas, friends, doctors or other caregivers.

Record the basic data of the child

Date of birth, gender, medical data, health center data and a photo that identifies the child.

Record as many measurements as you want

Weight, Height and Cranial Perimeter are the measurements that you can enter, as well as a photo of the moment. With these images you can make a slide pass and enjoy its evolution.

Place the child in the references of the WHO or the CDC

You can see the entered data of weight, height and cranial perimeter referenced in the graphs of the World Health Organization (WHO) or the CDC.

In addition, you can simultaneously view the data of two children and thus be able to compare them.

Diseases, Vaccines, Allergies and Milestones

In each section you will find a list of the most frequent diseases, vaccines, allergies and milestones in order to register and keep track of everything that happens to the child. If you can not find it, you also have an open field to adapt it to your needs.

You can create a vaccination calendar adapted to the needs of the child and the region where you live..

With a simple search engine you can find everything you have registered.

Please feel free to contact us with any suggestion at info@normalchildapp.com